KUSO GVKI is a solo musician as well as a producer for other artists.

KUSO GVKI (pronounced Kusogaki) is Japanese and means nothing less than “shitty brat”. His mother would often call him like that when he was being a pain in the ass. This cheeky and casual attitude is also evident in GVKIs work as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and illustrator.

Inspired by the likes of Esta., IAMNOBODI, Timbaland, Farhot, XXYYXX or Kaytranada he displays a versatile and refined body of work, which not only reflects the lifestyle of a Digital Native but also his own cultural roots.

KUSO GVKI – who himself states to not have found his sound yet – experiments with different musical realms. In addition to his 2017 Debut Album “KUSO GVKI” he worked on the fun-project “Lean, Hoes & Autotune”, which was released in the same year. According to splash!mag he produces “beats on a damn sophisticated level”. After his first video release in 2017 titled Cinnamon he was crowned beat-wunderkind. Due to his modern sound with an artistic touch he is since then considered the great hope within the producer scene.