Wicked & Bonny

Sometimes Wicked – sometimes Bonny! Two words representing their own style of music! This very young proJect started in 2014 – based ,n a Studio in Silandro, Bolzano. No rules in music – Straightbase Dubs in a digital and rough analog way, a soul-full and versatile voice and a lot of endless delays, sirens and live effects, produced for a hectic tour plan on the weekends on Soundsystem Sessions and Festival Stages! Wicked and Bonny and their crew built a Soundsystem called Botheration Hifi in spring time 2014 with the objective to „bother“ this system with music and love. They are hosting a festival in Bolzano called Dump Town Festival and keep pushing the local underground music scene since almost 10 years now … Wicked and Bonny is a protest in a joyful style catch them on their road